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Whites for Summer – August 2012

30 Aug

I had a wine budget of $140 and wanted to present some wines that likely the wine club hadn’t tried before. I also wanted a good cross-section from sparkling wine to rosé, lively to lush.

As we tasted through the line-up I was really pleased to hear the group ask how I’d managed to get these wines with our budget. There wasn’t a dud in the bunch.

I always hold back on the price until after we’ve tried all the wines. I want opinions to be based solely on the taste impressions. In fact I’m going to go back to my former decision to serve the wines blind so that they can’t even see the label first. Once everyone has tried the wine I will reveal and talk about the winery and any viti/viniculture information that’s of interest. I’ll let you know how that goes next time.

I was really impressed with the Ormarine Picpoul de Pinet for $13 and for $22 the Catena Chardonnay definitely offers a level of quality that surpasses its price. When one member found out the price of the Paul Mas Viognier she exclaimed “I’m going to buy like 800 cases!” An exaggeration of course, but at $14 she can definitely get a case or two.

I’m not going to detail the notes and feedback on all the wines because that’s the beauty of being part of wine club! We each had our favourites and ones we’d buy again. Not everyone loved every wine but this selection definitely hit plenty of positive notes with the group.


From bubble to Rosé – a selection of crisp to luscious wines.