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Rubbing elbows with Royalty

3 Jun

Did you know that every year Germany crowns a new Wine Queen?! I didn’t either, until recently. I had the chance to spend some time with Nadine Poss, who is Germany’s 65th Wine Queen and find out more about what it means to wear her glittery tiara.

Each year there are 13 candidates, one from each wine region in Germany. That prompted me to look up what the 13 regions are: Ahr, Baden, Franken, Hess. Bergstraße, Mittelrhein, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Nahe, Pfalz, Rheingau, Rheinhessen, Saale-Unstrut and Sachsen Württemberg. I’ve had wine from several of these regions but certainly not all of them. The candidates don’t have to come from a winery but they do require a strong knowledge of German wine, the wine industry, oenology and wine-making. As it turns out, Nadine’s family have a winery in Nahe which specialises in Pinot Gris, Blanc and Noir (Grauer Burgunder, Weißer Burgunder und Blauer Spätburgunder). http://www.weingut-poss.de/cms/index.php?id=poss0

From the 13 regional queens, six were selected for the final competition. This year, for the first time ever the competition was divided into two parts: first it was narrowed down to three finalists and theDWI-WK-08n each of them had to speak about a special experience in their lives. Nadine won the jury over with her speech about a hike with her family through Norwegian ice fields. She ended with the statement “this is what initiated my pleasure for travelling abroad and getting to know other people and cultures.” Considering the year ahead for the Wine Queen involves a lot of travel as she represents German Wine industry at all major wine festivals, exhibitions, tastings and international events. The other two finalists were crowned as Wine Princesses and they play a supporting role as ambassadors for the German Wine industry. This year they were Ramona Diegel and Sabine Wagner.

Nadine was in town for a Generation Riesling event which focuses on German winemakers that a10341901_10152401264456421_9058028671788315717_nre 35 years old and under. It’s all about being young and innovative. I had the chance to go out for dinner with her on Saturday night for dinner and she was such a pleasure to spend time with. On the Monday of the event she donned her tiara and I found out what the downside is to the weight of royalty on your head – sometimes when you spit the darn thing may fall off into the spittoon! As always, Nadine was cheerful and quick to laugh at the mishap along with me. Charming, smart and classy!