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BYOW in BC continued and a friend’s list of corkage fees around BC

13 Aug

Just a quick post this time. A friend of mine has been collecting info on restaurants in BC that offer corkage. Follow this link as he’ll update it as he gets more info. http://www.bccorkagefees.blogspot.ca/

I have yet to take advantage of this option myself. A few of us from the office did ask at our favourite Chinese noodle house. They hadn’t heard of the new policy but were going to find out. As we ate we discussed which wines we’d pair with which dishes if given the chance. We’ll all have to take turns picking a bottle to take, that is if the restaurant agrees to participate. I hope they do as I frequent with some great guys who really love to geek out over wine.

Someone else I work with took a bottle to Milestones. $19 corkage – they graciously took the wine from him and served it as though it was off their list. The server wasn’t allowed to try any when offered which is a shame. Personally I’d offer to leave some from them to try when they do their cash out. That’s if they were allowed at least that.

If you’ve had BYOW experiences in BC I’d love to hear about them. Cheers, Luisa