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Wine Club – June 27, 2012 – Pinot Grigio and Malbec

28 Jun

We had a couple of last minute cancellations this month. Normally I would make people pay regardless as I’ve already bought all the wines by this point. I decided this time to pull two wines from the line-up. This group is my Wine Chix friends and we’ve been running this night monthly for 7 years. They’re the reason I decided to venture out and launch By the Glass Wine Club.

Out of 5 Pinot Grigio and 4 Malbec there was one PG that was a dud. It wasn’t corked (Stelvin) but it had a cheesy, wet dog aroma that stank and not in the good way. I don’t mind a hint of wet dog that I sometimes notice in Chablis but this was too much. It was as though my friend’s smelly dog Winston had just gone for a swim in Trout Lake. Needless to say, I’m taking it back and will share a fresh bottle with the group the next time we meet. I was happy that the four wines under cork were all good.

One of the challenges I enjoy while leading a wine club is encouraging people to step out of their box of what they like and don’t like. Pinot Grigio is a pretty safe bet but even with the BC 2011 choice some of the group didn’t go for its tartness. I was getting a bit of cranberry but it certainly wasn’t off-putting. One of the Malbecs had a savoury aroma that made me pull out a jar of Marmite for them all to smell. I love Marmite but it ain’t for everyone. Simply opening up the discussion on the merits of certain aromas and flavours helps people understand more about complexity in wine.

I had three wines in the line-up that I work with at my day job. One was the faulty bottle, which is good as I can keep an ear open to make sure I don’t hear more of this situation. I was pretty happy to hear the comments around the table as the club discussed the others. Granted the Malbec was the most expensive so it had quite an advantage there. The Pinot Grigio was mid-priced though and showed very well. Actually the two Italian PGs were the crowd favourites and one was only $15 at Kitsilano Wine Cellar.

We always taste through and discuss the wines first. Then we pull out the various food dishes that we’ve brought and enjoy revisiting the wines with food pairings. As we were chatting I brought up my new venture and most of them had seen my posts on social media. They were all so supportive and excited for me. It definitely gave me a boost of confidence. Three of them are going to propose it to their employers to consider for team activities. I’d never really considered corporate groups for my wine club but I think it would actually be a really great avenue to pursue. Gotta admit – I’m getting pretty excited for the possibility of this project being successful. In the meantime I’ll work harder to learn as much as I can about wine and regions and the fascinating people that get the juice out of a grape and into a bottle!

If you’re interested in learning more about By the Glass Wine Club send me an email at bytheglasswineclub@gmail.com or tweet to me @bytheglassclub