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Excuse me waiter, there’s a fly in my wine.

24 Apr

If there’s a fly in your wine you’re going to know right? It will either be swimming around wondering how it got so lucky or it’ll be floating lifelessly. Either way, it’s going to be pretty obvious.

Did you know there could very easily be things in your wine, potentially as unappetizing as a fly, that neither you or your waiter are going to know about? Things that you may even be allergic to such as nuts. NUTS IN WINE??!! Yes, nuts. They’re sometimes used in commercial tannins to improve the wine’s structure, among other things.

As much as I love the art of a beautiful wine label I’d like to see more transparency on the back label. I check ingredients when I shop for groceries so why wouldn’t I do that when I buy wine? I’d want to know if there was added sugar or something called Mega Purple which is used to darken the colour of wine.

Actually a simple QR code could easily link to a site listing all the ingredients so it wouldn’t even have to be a hideous back label. Only those truly motivated would check it. People who consume a lot of processed food probably wouldn’t care. Some people just want things to taste the same every time, like their favourite soda pop. I want to taste the authenticity of the region and the vintage.

If producers really don’t think that what they’re adding is bad for consumers or there’s anything wrong with how they’re manipulating their product then they shouldn’t feel the need to hide what they’ve added to achieve the outcome. What do you think?