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Wine and the Business Dinner

3 Sep

If you’re new to the wining and dining aspect of your job and your wine knowledge is fairly limited, then ordering wine for your lucrative clients at a business dinner could be rather intimidating. We all want to look like we have some knowledge when the decision on ordering wine is in our hands. You want to consider your guests’ tastes, the food that is being ordered and the budget. If the sky is the limit on budget it can be even more intimidating as you still want to make a good impression and wasting money is never viewed as strong business acumen.

My suggestion is to get a group of your colleagues together and hire someone like me to help you out. You need some wine knowledge to remove the intimidation factor from ordering wine. You want to know what wine smells like when it’s ‘corked’. You need to have some basic understanding of pairing wine with food. It’s good to learn the language of wine so that you can ask the sommelier for guidance in a knowledgeable way. A lot of people stick with ordering the same wines all the time because they can pronounce the name. A word like Trockenbeerenauslese can roll off the tongue once you’ve heard it said out loud. Knowing that most wine geeks refer to it as TBA is also handy. There are some wines regions that don’t name the grape in the wine because they all know what it is. You’ll know too, once someone has told you. Being told that Champagne is in order is always a good sign but ordering Henkell Trocken (hey, it has bubbles right?) is probably going to raise an eyebrow or two.

The one main theme that I want to bring to the table is that wine doesn’t have to be intimidating. I want to foster an atmosphere of open discussion that is comfortable for even the newest of wine neophytes. It would be so satisfying to walk a group of business people through the basics of ordering wine then send them off to a restaurant together with wine knowledge fresh in their minds, keen to put their new skills to the test. This sounds like a great idea for a company team event!


Contact me at bytheglasswineclub@gmail.com to arrange wine training for your next team meeting.


Learning about wine: my recent research discoveries.

23 Aug

My favourite part of prepping for a wine club is researching the wines I’ve selected. I love learning about viticulture and viniculture. Some of the things I’ve discovered will be common knowledge to many wine enthusiasts. I was happy to find out that one of the most knowledgeable people I work with didn’t know about the translation of picpoul. I’m not embarrassed to admit what I don’t know and neither should you be. I’d like to share my new knowledge and will keep posting as I learn.

Things I learned from my most recent wine research:

  • The Hungarian/Austrian word for Pinot Gris is Grauar Mőnch
  • Picpoul  (piquepoul) translates to lipstinger referring to the acidity of the grape
  • Picpoul  is also known as Vermentino
  • Rolle is also known as Vermentino
  • Terpenes are organic compounds produced by plants and the major components of resin and turpentine
  • Terpenes are also found in Viognier, Muscat and Riesling wines
  • Viognier was almost extinct in 1965
  • Ehrenfeler was created by Dr. Heinrich Birk at the Geisenheim Grape Breeding Institute in 1929, by crossing the varieties Riesling and Silvaner
  • In most wine-growing regions anything over 1000 meters above sea level is too cold to grow grapes
  • The Adrianna vineyards in Argentina are 1450 meters above sea level and there are others in Argentina that are much higher
  • The Tacuil vineyards in Argentina are 2597 meters above sea level

Cheers, Luisa