Back at it! Fall is in the air and the Wine Club is on again

18 Sep

I was asked to host a wine club this month and I wanted to think of something different to use as a theme. As I’d just come back from Burning Man I had the desert on my mind. Drinking wine in the desert requires some thought – not everything is going to sate your desires if you’ve been spending the day sweltering and all you want to eat is salad! That said, desert nights can get kind of cool so maybe a red wine wouldn’t be so bad.

I decided to go with the ‘Desert Island’ theme, as in – if you could only take one wine to a desert island what would it be. I wasn’t super surprised that most people think of sparkling wine in this scenario. Cava and Prosecco took the lead in votes. Personally I wouldn’t want something with too much acidity ’cause let’s face it – if I’m stuck on a desert island with cases of one wine I’ll probably end up drinking a bottle or two per day. Too much acidity could end up making your tongue feel like it’s been ripped to shreds after a couple of days. I did get a couple of people saying they’d go for a big red which is fine.

I’ll let you know how the final line up goes over with the group and any interesting finds I discover in my research.

Talk soon! xo


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